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Software applications for quantum computers

AppliedQubit Limited is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) specializing in the application of quantum information science for businesses. We build and market software IP in the area of quantum computing. Our goal is to harness the potential of quantum computation to deliver near-term results for enterprises and industrial customers. Our Mission is to apply quantum technology to help solve the most challenging, classically intractable problems. Quantum computing has the real potential to become a highly disruptive and massively productive technology. AppliedQubit is driving the development of software assets in this area - delivering value to customers by bringing quantum computation to real-world applications.

Example use cases for quantum computing

Potential real-world applications we can address with quantum computation


Optimisation problems

Maximisation and optimisation problems can be found everywhere in nature. It's here that quantum computation can provide theoretical advantage over classical systems. Example applications include factory workflow optimisation and traffic-flow optimisation for land-based transportation.


Predictive analytics

The next wave in Big Data is Big Compute. Quantum computers can be used to accelerate prediction capabilities of classical systems. Example applications include Advanced Fault Detection for infrastructure, Social Network Analysis for influencer identification, & many more.


Decision-making for Finance

Example applications include solutions for Investment Portfolio optimisation and Financial Asset Allocation use cases.


Chemical simulation

Quantum computation can be used to accelerate new molecule simulation in Materials Science. Quantum computation can also enhance existing best practices in computational chemistry, resulting in faster drug discovery for Pharmacology industry.

Software & Services

Consulting services

We are committed to working with businesses, helping them apply the growing power of quantum computing. Our efforts are focused in two areas: 1) working with businesses on real-world problems, and 2) ensuring that businesses are quantum ready. Quantum computing is evolving rapidly and it will be increasingly possible to solve difficult business problems using this new technology. It's a complex new field and businesses will need help, at least initially, to understand and apply the technology. AppliedQubit can assist businesses to learn how to make use of quantum computing in real business situations and to solve existing & new problems using quantum approaches. From a strategic perspective, quantum computing represents a huge opportunity but also potentially a threat. Given the extensive business background of AppliedQubit’s founders, we are able to advise enterprises on how to assess the implications of quantum computing for the near and long-term future of their business and how to become quantum ready.

AppliedQubit is focusing on two key areas of product development


Classical-quantum hybrid algorithms software

AppliedQubit is building software exploiting classical-quantum hybrid algorithms. Hybrid approaches will be of key importance in the next few years while the industry is dominated by Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum computers (NISQ), which make use of the “noisy” qubits built in early Quantum Processing Units (QPUs). Such software will be increasingly capable, will scale with hardware advances and can be applied across the full range of potential applications.


Quantum machine learning

We are building software tools to enable the application of new quantum machine learning techniques in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence applications. These tools will leverage QPU acceleration on NISQ machines and will provide a hybrid environment for both quantum developers and data scientists.

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